We are a small collective of cultivators, herbalists and psychedelic practitioners. We’ve benefited from the healing properties of medicinal fungi, and it’s something we are compelled to share. Nature is providing us with the means to heal and grow, but stigma has limited access. Until now!
We’ve made it our mission to provide USA & the World with safe access to high-quality psychedelic medicines.

A wave of change is coming. Join us at the forefront and take this trip with us!

Whether you want to buy magic mushrooms for theraputic reasons or recreational purposes our Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms are carefully selected from reputable growers on the West Coast. As professional herbalists and cultivators, we only offer mushrooms that have been grown, harvested and cured with the utmost care.  We stock rare magic mushroom varieties for our fellow psychedelic explorers looking for truly unique experiences.